VINTAGE Bride's Guide to the perfect wedding perfume

Oh how we love a beautiful scent... so evocative, alluring, feminine...capturing a memory and storing it away, ready to be released again, each time you spritz it on your skin. It follows, then, that choosing a luxury bridal perfume to wear on your wedding day is as important as selecting the wedding night lingerie, the shoes, the jewellery and those keepsakes that will become precious mementos of your day. With that in mind, we have found some of the most scent-u-ous wedding perfumes that would make the perfect bridal fragrance, with a divinely-vintage edge, naturally.

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How to choose your bridal fragrance

Selecting the scent is a very personal thing, as you know, perfumes can smell different on different people. Perfume specialists recommend a few tried and tested steps to ensure you get it right...

1. What are the notes?

Perfumes are made up of different layers or 'notes' which compliment each other and create the fragrance. These can be spicy, citrus, floral, fruity etc. Fragrances carry three notes: top, heart and base. For example the deep and strong scents of musk and vanilla are base notes, heady cinnamon and jasmine are considered heart notes, and the lighter scents such as citrus and lavender are top notes. These layered scents create a complimentary fragrance that is unique to that blend. So if you know you like the heady base notes like sandalwood, you can opt for a perfume that contains them, or for those that enjoy a fruity floral aroma of rose or geranium, then opt for the scents that highlight those. Once you have an idea of your preferred 'bouquet' you can narrow down your choices.

2. Look for a perfume with higher concentration

You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and never was that truer than with perfume. This is because the higher the concentration of the scent, the longer it lasts, so therefore you pay more. It's worth splashing out of the best possible quality as this is your wedding day perfume and you deserve it!

3. Try before you buy

Always test your scent before making the purchase - and by that we mean, spray liberally onto your skin, smell it immediately, and then after an hour or two, to really be sure that you love it. Perfumes can be overpowering to begin with but allow it to settle into your skin, reacting with your body heat and that gives you a better all-round idea of the scent.

Image by Riane Roberts

Our selection

Here we have collated our personal favourites and some wonderful vintage-inspired fragrances that would make the most 'scent-sational' wedding day fragrances.

Mademoiselle by Coco Chanel

Top notes: Orange, bergamot, mandarin, Tunisian curaçao.

Heart notes: Morning rose, Italian jasmine, ylang-ylang, mimosa, florentine iris.

Base notes: Patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, white musk, opoponax, tonka bean.

This is a classic fragrance, very feminine and floral and much lighter than the original Chanel No. 5. However, the deeper vanilla and patchouli give it a sultry headiness that makes it a perfect bridal perfume - £62 for 35ml from John Lewis.

Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum by Diptyque Paris

Top notes: Pear, plum.

Heart notes: Iris, pink peppercorns.

Base notes: Musk, Absolute ambrette seed extract (from hibiscus flowers).

This extraordinarily rich, sweet, fruity scent is by the French perfume powerhouse, Diptyque which is renowned for its crafting of heavenly scents. It has won awards and is considered its most sought-after fragrance. It is expensive but will make you feel like a million dollars - the perfect wedding eau de parfum for brides! A bottle of 75ml will set you back around £125.

Maybe Baby Perfume by Benefit

Top notes: Apricot & white ginger.

Heart notes: Fresh water blossoms of cyclamen, lychee and bergamot.

Base notes: White musk, Himalayan poppy and warm peach.

Such a fresh, blossomy scent but with heady musk as its base, it has a deeper, richer fragrance too. It's hard to get hold of but can be bought via Benefit for around $35 for 50ml plus delivery. Super popular, this bridal perfume is one you will want to use again and again.

Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

Top notes: Pear, ginger, bergamot.

Heart notes: White magnolia, white ginger lily and jasmine.

Base notes: Benzoin, cashmere wood and musk

Launched in 2016, this floral fragrance is deep, heady with magnolia, cashmere wood and ginger, making it a delightful bridal perfume to take you from day to night. Retails for £56.45 for 100ml from All Beauty.

Jimmy Choo Tempting Rose

Top notes: Raspberry, pear and lychee.

Heart notes: Rose, white flowers, cedarwood.

Base notes: Sandalwood and musk.

One of the key fragrances from the Seduction collection, this fragrance takes inspiration from the rose, and creates a delicate, romantic scent that would be perfect for a wedding day fragrance. Feminine yet captivating. Available from Jimmy Choo, £175 for 125ml.

E.Coudray, Paris - Jacinthe and Rose

Top notes: Hiacynth, Vodka, Peach and Bitter Orange.

Heart notes: Rose, Peony, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine.

Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar and Vanilla.

Launched in 1983, this has to be our personal favourite. It is sweet, fresh and just an all-round pretty scent that makes you smile whenever you catch the fragrance. It's light, but lingering, feminine yet alluring which makes it an ideal bridal perfume! From £65 for 100ml.

Vera Wang: Lovestruck

Top notes: Guava, Mandarin Orange and Angelica.

Heart notes: Lotus, Angelica and Tuberose.

Base notes: Musk and Wood.

Never was there a more apt name for a bridal fragrance than this! It has exotic undertones yet a freshness that keeps it modern. Vera Wang delivers, yet again! Feel fabulous on your wedding day with this bridal perfume (and what a bottle too!)

Fleeting Moment by Balenciaga

Top note: Jasmine, thyme and violet.

Heart notes: Anise and aldehydes.

Base notes: Leather and amber.

This was the second perfume launched by the fashion house back in 1949 and while one would hope one's wedding day is isn't a fleeting moment, this fragrance - called 'La Fuite des Heures' in French, does capture the lust, romance and excitement that one might crave on the wedding night! The stylish, almost masculine shaped bottle and simple font gives it an enduring vintage coolness. It is hard to track down these days but is available online and John Lewis stocks other iconic Balenciaga parfum that easily come a close second.

Tiffany and Co Eau de Parfum Top notes: Mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon.

Heart notes: Iris, rose, blackcurrant and peach.

Base notes: Musk and patchouli.

Ok, we're sold! Anything that comes out of Tiffany and Co is going to ooze opulance and t this beautiful fragrance was created to embody the aroma of diamonds (salty, earthy?) Thankfully not. Instead it's an intoxicating melange of citrus and musky notes that makes it a wonderful luxe wedding day perfume choice.

We do love a heady scent, but if you know of any others we can list, just add your comment below and we will check them out! #weddingperfume #bridalfragrances #luxurywedding #weddingscent #bridalaccessories #perfumeforweddings