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Skincare review: Wild beauty

You know when you come across something really special? Well that's happened here at VB HQ. The discovery: Wild Beauty, from the North Wales Rhug Estate.

The lowdown: If you love your skincare sustainable but crave luxury, the award-winning products from Wild Beauty are ideal. The organic ingredients are grown, hand-picked and foraged from across the 12,500 acres of the estate's woodlands and pastures, and are all bursting with essential vitamins and minerals. The fragrances - which are divine - are also created using essential oils and are therefore completely natural.

The packaging: Often the thing that lets down a skincare brand is the amount of packaging however the items were wrapped in thick, fragrantly perfumed sheep's wool, evoking a sense of the wild countryside estate, craggy Welsh mountains covered in heather and grazing sheep. All packaging is 100% recyclable which is something that is important to me. I thought the wool was a really lovely touch, though I'm not too sure what I will do with it? Knit a jumper maybe?

The products: The products themselves are luxurious and include ingredients like dandelion, blue tansy, elderflower, rosemary and Rhug's very own honey. Trialing the Purifying Cleaning Lotion with Dandelion, it is rich, creamy and nourishing and is perfect for congested, dehydrated and uneven skin. It smelled absolutely beautiful and removed my makeup too.

I followed this with the Rebalancing Skin Tonic with Meadowsweet which clarifies, tones, hydrates, and balances skin to give a brightness and helps reduce enlarged pores. It felt fresh and again, wonderfully scented. Finally, the Protecting Day Cream with Blue Tansy Oil really nourished my skin and boasts fine-line reducing formula, providing plumper, brighter skin. I felt hydrated and my skin was smooth and refreshed. I also have the Replenishing Mask with Rhug Honey and enjoyed a very relaxing soak in the bath with this on my face - I can wholeheartedly say that I felt like I'd been to a 5 star spa, and kept catching wafts of the most exquisite aromas throughout the evening and into the next day - not an overpowering smell, but a fresh and welcoming scent, that boosted my mood - perhaps that is the power of the essential oils?

The price: Now, these are not budget products, the cleanser comes in at £55, the toner at £50 and the day cream at £95, but for a bride looking to curate a lux skincare package for her wedding day and honeymoon - particularly those who love sustainable, natural, organic beauty products, Wild Beauty would be worth the extra spend. There is a Wild Foraged Skin Care Essentials pack for £85 that contains the aforementioned items plus an organic cotton muslin cloth for exfoliation and a small version of the face mask so they would make ideal gifts for bridesmaids or be a wonderful treat for yourself! All products are available from the Wild Beauty website and in-store at Fortnum and Mason; Really Wild in Sloane Square, Epicurean in Chester; Crofton and Hall in Carnforth; John Hall and Croyden in London and the Rhug Estate shop in Corwen, North Wales.

Final thoughts: I felt pampered, my skin felt soft, nourished and hydrated; the scent of each product evoked feelings of nature-filled country walks, fresh spring blooms, warm summers in the woodlands, and with everything being organic, recyclable, hand-picked, natural and beautifully produced, the high price seems justified. I wouldn't perhaps buy these for everyday use as I couldn't afford to, but certainly as a bridal skincare range, it would be the perfect treat for radiant skin, a heavenly scent and a eco-conscious purchase to boot.

For more info, have a look at the website:

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