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Real wedding:wild welsh micro wedding

Today's real wedding is a wild, welsh affair shot on the isle of Anglesey in North Wales by the award-winning photographer Cris Matthews. This unusual venue – known locally as the Church in the Sea, or St. Cwyfan's, (or eglwys bach y mor in Welsh if you like) is perched on the tiny island of Cribinau and is completely surrounded by the sea – with access only via a causeway during low tide. What a magical place for an intimate ceremony!

This beautiful, wild, welsh micro wedding was juxtaposed against the stunning backdrop of the rugged North Wales coastline which helps to provide such dramatic and atmospheric images, expertly captured by Cris who tells us more about the day...

"The whole wedding took place at the Church in the Sea as well as the bay which is alongside. The couple's plan was to always marry at this church, and have a bigger party somewhere on the island but with the pandemic in full force, they never actually got to the stage of booking that. They were, however, determined to have a wedding no matter what, and decided just to have four close friends with them and then surprise their parents after the wedding on the beach. A bigger party is planned for 2021, but no plans are firm at the moment as lockdown continues the uncertainty."

The bride chose a pretty bouquet of sunflowers with sprigs of eucalyptus and her lace seventies style dress and knee-length suede boots gave a cool, relaxed boho style while the groom opted for a vintage-style dark blue tweed three-piece suit.

"The bride is local to the area, and remembers attending Church there when she was young, in fact, it was the only choice they had for the wedding, but it’s a super special location as you can see from the photographs. I am very much looking forward to meeting them again in 2021 to complete their wedding plans. They will return to the Church for a blessing with a much bigger audience next time."

We love the images and think this feels like a wonderful, naturally wild place to declare your love. We wish the couple every happiness! If you would like to share your wedding with us, please do get in touch!

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