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Gimme some retro glam, baby!

We love hunting around the internet for vintage inspiration and boy, oh, boy, do we have a doozy for ya! These stunning photographs entitled Mane Attraction were produced for's November 2011 issue. Art director Tanya Watt, photographer Chris Nicholls, stylist and fashion editor Zeina Esmail, and models Catherine Dea and Katrina collaborate to create these retro glam images with a generous nod to the vintage beauties from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Hairstylist Danilo created the voluminous hair and the fabulous neon accents were brought out by makeup artist Greg Wencel. Add to this the beautiful garments from Christopher Kane and Louis Vuitton and you can see why these looks are timeless. If you want more editorial inspiration, do check out Fashion Gone Rogue which is a bountiful collection of the most gorgeous looks from across the globe's finest editorial teams.

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