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Friday finds: Cheesecake Vintage

Cheesecake Vintage is a must for anyone who loves their skirts flirty and fifties with a side order of chic. It’s an Etsy store and more, and one we just had to flag up. Take this blue milinary netting, so pretty – only $12 and you can add it to your favourite hat.

This 1960s black, mod, mini-dress is so cute and would be a great option for the modern LBD. And you can’t argue with the price-tag -$54!

Here’s one more I picked out, a 1950s sun dress – it really embodies the era for me. Some vintage is only for die-hard purists, but this is so fresh and cute and perfect for those dipping their toe into vintage style. Peachy! Again only $38 – bargain!

Happy huntin’…

#vintageclothing #1940s #1950s

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