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Colour pop girls

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If there's one element you can inject your style and personality into, you know, really have fun with, then it has to be the humble bridesmaid dress! Traditionally they were the same colour as the bride's dress as they were used as a ruse to confuse evil spirits who might attempt to steal the bride (!) as well as being a trend introduced by that old fashionista herself, Queen Victoria. Yes, the quirky mis-matched dresses we find at today's weddings, whether they are giving off pastel-pop 50s prom vibes, or something decidedly more modern, are definitely a more recent sartorial trend, and we love it!

So banish the banal, flick the Vs at the vanilla, say 'push off' to the plain! Here for your delectation, we've trawled the web to find some of the cutest, most colourful, vintage-inspired dresses and accessories for your girls to rock at your wedding!

What a gaggle of gorge girls! This image proves that using accessories is such a simple but effective way of getting some colour into your bridesmaids' looks. Coloured tights and unifying the style with coordinating 60s beehives is genius! Image found here.

Oooh aren't these ruffles the bomb!? Channelling a really kitsch 50s/early 60s vibe, with a really pretty colour palette (the coral really adds some shabam!) Image found over on the super fun Oh Joy blog which we love!

Image credit: Bethan Jones at

If you want colour, sass, pattern, more sass, a kitschy vibe and totes original dresses look no further than The Couture Company (see above and intro image). I mean, hello? Original, much? Such a quirky, fun, style that shows that you can really push the envelope with your wedding dress and bridesmaids' looks.

This Birmingham based atelier, run by designer Jo, is where it's at! Each dress is made bespoke for clients and cost between £1000-£2000+ but they do tons of cute accessories (see the fingers brooch below) which can be found on their Etsy shop.

We might have mentioned Fairytale Collars before...we love, love, love them! Creator Emma makes just the most gorgeous peter pan collars to brighten up any outfit, but imagine the bridesmaids rocking one of these p-r-e-t-t-y Lola felt floral brooches (below). Forget natural blooms, these make such cute keepsakes and would make the perfect bridesmaid gifts to boot.

How about this mod-inspired editorial from Jesi Haak? This makes a total statement and relies on the bridesmaids embracing your 60s theme, but hey, why not? It's bright, fun and makes a statement.

We love these pastel dresses - they have the 50s style we love and it's a great era to add some colour as pastel hues were really popular in the fifties (think Pink Ladies; Sandra Dee's lemon yellow skirt and cardi combo!) The white clutches help the colours to pop too! Image courtesy of Love my Dress, and was taken by Natalie J Weddings.

Over on Etsy Magaela Accessories has these super sweet, colourful floral wrist corsages for bridesmaids which will add a fun pop of colour to any theme – lush!

Another fun way to add colour is the shoes. Mismatched prints and colourful different style footwear means bridesmaids can choose their own. Some people - (ahem, me!) don't like heels so this solves that issue!

Oh, go on! One more....why not treat the girls with a funky 70s inspired mini clutch? This retro font purse for bridesmaids from ResisDentzDesign on Etsy is just the ticket!

Are you thinking about having a colourful wedding? We'd love to hear about your plans or any suppliers that we can take a peek at! Go on, sharing is caring!

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