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Beyond the veil: 10 gorgeous headpieces to swoon over

After the exhaustion resulting from organising the seating plan, the next oft-contentious issue you will have to justify to bemused family and friends is whether or not you should wear a veil. Modern nay-sayers regard the wedding veil as fuddy-duddy, overly formal, stuck in the olden days and well, tired and somehow awkwardly conformist. Veils were traditionally passed from mothers to their daughters on their wedding days and were beautifully crafted from lace, beads, pearls and hand embroidered. Today bridal headwear has evolved and here is our selection of stunning veils, hats and headpieces for your delectation. Each one has its own charming appeal, and can be dressed up to bring your look back to the past...

1. We bow down to the pure 60s splendour that is this totally authentic 1960s wedding veil, with beaded crown and oodles of lace embellishments, £108.26 from RoseleinRarities on Etsy

2. Mauricia Birdcage veil by Joyce Jackson, is perfect for a gal who just adores her vintage style. £95 from Liberty in Love

3. The Ada Veil, £245 from My Little Wedding Shop gives a soft, vintage look that keeps things light, elegant and perfectly pretty. 4. Keeping it girlie, pretty and dainty but in a cool way is the Laura lace bow and veil Chantilly lace with pearl and vintage jewel detail from the wonderful Hobbits Vintage Creations

5. Giving trad veils a run for their money while still keeping it retro, is the Bridal Bow Veil, £45 from Needle and Thread

6. Giving us vintage vibes aplenty is the super pretty Sabrina Birdcage Veil, £25, from Julianne Bird which can be adorned with all manner of her bejewelled slides, clips and combs

7. 'Ooh', we hear you say, 'what's this then?' Well, it's none other than the pretty Regal Floral tiara, £185.81 from Twiggs and Honey on Etsy. One part goddess, and one part boho chick, That'll do nicely.

8. With a subtle nod to the popular pearly designs of the 1960s, we give you the Grace Pearl headband, £199 from Alice and Blair

9. If you love a good dose of 50's style, then the uber cute, personalised Vintage Diamante Crystal Birdcage Veil, £165 by Silver Sixpence in her Shoe on Not on the High Street is just the ticket! Red lips are a must!

10. There is a touch of the Grecian goddess about the rather esoterical Astria hair pin set, $58 from BHLDN

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