1960's bridal vibes for 2022

Who doesn't love the 1960s with its mini skirts, points shoes, heavy liner and big hair? It's a decade of firsts and has a mix of styles like no other decade - the Bob, Biba, winkle pickers, slim leg suits, pencil ties, boxy silhouettes, pixie cuts...But which Sixties bride are you? Here's a little breakdown of the styles we love from this eclectic era...

Carnaby Street Sister

The iconic British 60s girl: cheeky, full of fun and a total fashionista. If you like this style it's got to be short, monochrome and very, very cute. You can buy vintage dresses from specialist bridal shops like VB faves Flamingo Bridal and Six Penny Bride on Etsy, but online shops like ASOS also do a great line in short / mini wedding dresses.

Gallery images: A mod wedding captured by Caught in the Light Photography via Rock n Roll Bride; Maxmara cuteness with this snow white detailed mini dress; and an ASOS dress that nails the 1960's silhouette.

The bohemian babe

This girl is more surf, less South End. There is lots of lace, long, natural hair, and more of a nod to the late Sixties when the short, boxy silhouettes made way for the flowing garments of the early 1970s. We love the lace touches, short length and subtle movement - easy to wear styles for the laid-back bride. Images (L-R) This gorgeous gown from Wear Your Love is perfect for quirky boho brides; Sister Organics short cotton and lace wedding dress on Etsy is sublime and this short and sweet dress found here on Pinterest.

Jackie Onassis aesthetic

The iconic headpieces, short veils and tailored dresses made popular by Jackie O are perfect for brides looking for an authentic 60's bridal style. This image (above) by Melissa of Fresh In Love Photography over on Ruffled Blog captures the look perfectly. This catwalk dress is a two piece and channels Jackie O perfectly; a gorgeous, gorgeous Audrey wedding dress by Adelais London ticks all the style boxes and finally, Lily Allen's recent nuptials with David Harbour saw her sport a very Jackie O-esque dress.

Priscilla Presley vibes

By the turn of the century, the styling was still a little prim and proper but with a dash of rock n roll - which makes for a very cool combo. Think fringing, collars, sparkle and more fitted shapes. These awesome images are by Lisa Deviln for Rock n Roll Bride. Below from left to right: this Priscilla and Elvis style editorial just makes me want to slip on my blue suede shoes; a Balmain sequins and fringe dress captures the look in one foul swoop but has a slightly more modern feel; and another fave supplier TicciRockabilly Clothing makes this absolutely fabulous rhinestone embellished dress that screams Elvis.

Mad Men Chic

Mad Men is set in the early 1960s which was still very much influenced by the 1950s, so we see lots of floofy dresses, pill box hats, lace gloves, birdcage headpieces, satin and lace, with a prom dress silhouette mixed in with the iconic sixties bouffant hair and heavy eyeliner. The 1960's veils were short, puffy and oh so pretty! The bride (above) is sporting an authentic 1960's veil and the most beautiful bridal pearl jewellery and tiara by Julianne Bird (image by Toby H Photography). Below the styling captures the early 60's aesthetic perfectly (image by Indie Love Photography).

Gallery images (L-R) 1960's inspired accessories and lovely lace: image by Robert Lawler; and we're feeling the Don and Betty vibes big time in this image by Angi Welsch via Style me Pretty; this dress is so wonderfully voluminous - image by Dragan Zlatanovic found over on Love My Dress).

1960's Hair and Makeup looks

Creating the iconic hair and makeup looks from the 1960s really is what helps capture the style. If you've not seen my previous post on iconic vintage lip colours then do check it out for more vintage beauty inspo. Whether you like your do bobbed, bouffanted, curled, short and sassy a la Twiggy, really, if you want to create a bridal look from the 1960s anything goes. Makeup wise, lots of liquid liner, false lashes, that iconic (and original) cut-crease eyeshadow, pale lips and nude nails, are a great way to recreate the aesthetic. Image below by Phil Barratt of PB Artworks.

The gallery images all feature 1960's makeup styles - images supplied by The Blusherettes. Photo 3 by Indie Love Photography.

And the shoes...

Can we say a brief word about shoes? I adore vintage shoes from all the different eras but particularly from the 1960s. They were so beautifully designed and actually very comfortable so are perfect for brides who are likely to be on their feet all day long. These beauts are from Mod Shoes which is essentially the go-to shop for retro footwear.

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