Whether you love a classic, dramatic image, or are a sucker for the documentary-style look, check out the awesome professionals that have made the Vintage Bride cut...

Twigs Branch Photography

For the wild hearts, the misfits and the rebels

If you’re looking for a traditional photographer for your UK, Destination or Elopement wedding, we’ll lay our cards on the table right now… Twigs Branch Photography is not your bag.


They are a totally rad husband and wife team with an alternative style and retro edge, and have been pushing the boundaries of traditional photography since circa 2013.


They don’t do stuffy and formal but what they do excel at is a mix of natural reportage and funky fine art - capturing the day authentically as it unfolds around you, whilst also creating some epic portraits for your wall.


Fun fact: Their surname isn't actually Twig, it's Wilkinson. "Our clients crowned us 'The Twigs' and it just sorta stuck. It's a bit like having a superhero alter ego so we're cool with it!" explains Mr Twig.

So for those fun loving, adventurous folk who like to cut loose and dance in the rain; the square pegs in round holes, the non-conformists who won’t settle for the ordinary, these guys are totally your bag.

Traditionalists need not apply.